Thursday, 22 March 2012

Fatties anonymous

Not the kind of stick person I'm aiming to be!
This is one of those blog posts I'm not sure I should do because I hate the idea that people will read it and think I'm talking about them. I wouldn't be critical to their faces and in thousands of ways a public blog is worse, but from my point of view also better if you consider this a shared diary. If I didn't make note of this, all I would have to tell you about is a trip to Sainsburys and hanging lots of curtains. 

Last night I went to my first ever 'fat club' meeting. I won't name the organisation so hopefully no-one will sue me, but I think we can safely say that not everything they do will really work for me.

I know I need to eat appropriate portions, less cake and to build a wall between myself and Kettle chips, but I'm not sure I was expecting to hear that exercise was too complicated to get my head around at the beginning and to try to master food planning first.

Or for there to be a terrifying lady packing up all of the chairs around me while I sat through my 'introductory briefing'. Or to be told that avocado was on the bad list - SIX avocados maybe, but a bit in a salad when (as a veggie) I get very few omega oils any other way? Hmmm...

On the flip side, and very luckily, I am chucking myself in at the deep end with logging every single thing I eat on the online system and am motivated to get back into the Parkrun routine, keeping my fingers crossed that my brain can take the strain. After our rubbish few weeks, I'm determined to get a bit more aerodynamic and blow away some cobwebs.

I'll do a wobble report after a while, if you're lucky!


  1. Good luck Ellen! I am sure a week or so of good focus will see you on the right track, whichever way you do it :)

  2. The most difficult part is the beginning. I used to have large portions but gradually got used to smaller ones and not stuffing myself. I hate exercise, so try to walk as much as possible and also try to do a few minutes on the Wii Fit thingy. I wish you all the best with your lifestyle change.