Saturday, 31 March 2012

Scavenger Hunt March 2012

I liked the list this month although I did find myself completely distracted by just one of the images: half a face. I have been looking for them everywhere and completely failing to find one. In the past week I suddenly realised I had lots more to find and had to whirlwind through the lot!

Here we go...

Theatre - what's on at the Playhouse in Norwich.
I've been three times this month so quite apt.
City - in particular the little black bin on the left, for food waste.
We live just 100 yards over the city/county boundary so we don't have one of these. Grrrr.
Kitchen - the cafe on Unthank Road in Norwich.
Famous for HUGE breakfasts.
Half a face - here is the troublemaker!
A logo for a BBC history project with offices in the Forum.
Morning - playing with our macro settings on the camera.
It wasn't quite frosty, but not far off. I was looking for cobwebs!
Square - round pebbles in a squarey shape with a handprint
because I can't leave well alone!
Words - what's hazardous? WHAT?
Landmark - Adnams beer in Suffolk.
It's how you know where you are.
Street name - Rattla Corner.
Definitely a corner, but what's a Rattla?
Fashion - for model boat sailors on Whitlingham Broad.
Wellies and warm hats!
Fancy - Tim's currant bun birthday cake.
From not fancy to FANCY! That took hours that did.
Buttons - four Jensons.
What's not to like?!
I have also just learned how to use the collage setting in Picassa.
Could you tell? I think this might be a new toy.

Hope you are all well - I'll be popping by to check out all the other hunts soon!
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  1. Hi, great group of photos words is a great photo.

  2. Brilliant photos - I like your half face and your humorous comments. Wonder what a rattla is/was?!!

    I've still to finish mine, but I must get that sorted and post it later today!

  3. A pint of Adnams - that when I knew you must almost be a local to me :)

    Great pics :)

  4. Super photos! Love morning and square also fashion and landmark! I remember seeing the Adnams dray horses at Southwold:)

  5. I was totally fascinated with the Unthank Kitchen on an Unthank Road - what fun names!

  6. Great shots - love Theatre!

  7. Hi Ellen,
    Thank you for welcoming me to the hunt. I really enjoyed doing it, I loved your fashion picture!
    It soundsas if you had a busy year last year, when I have more time I will come back and read all your achievements.

  8. Have been to Unthank Rd for many nerve jangling meeting when Social Services were there, our future was in their hands!
    Love the Buttons, very clever!
    Lisa x

  9. I like your photos. The Jenson Button was an excellent idea. Also loved the wellingtons and hats. Excellent.

  10. Great photos, Ellen. I really like your take on 'buttons' - very clever.

  11. Great photos, your city one made me laugh!

  12. I sniggered lots reading this post, mainly due to the hilarious comments!!! I love your photos especially the half face one, very clever!!!! The fashion one is really funny and the frost is beautiful!! Nice to 'meet you' through the hunt!!! It's the first time I've done it!

  13. We once looked at a house at Rattla Corner - liked the road name but the house was almost derelict. I also have your problem - fixating on one picture at the expense of the rest! Great photos.

  14. Oo, lovely photos - lots of familiar sights here! And loving the 'Buttons' - one of my personal favourites! ;-) x