Thursday, 29 March 2012


I noticed this story a while ago and have been giving quiet whoops of
congratulations ever since:
Victoria Coren and David Mitchell are engaged
Obviously it's great news for them, but I particularly love it that not only did they announce it in the traditional way through the newspaper 'Engagements' column, but also, no-one but no-one seems to have a photo of them together.

I've seen David Mitchell on loads of stuff and have read a fair few Victoria Coren columns so I know they choose to be in the public eye to an extent. Yet they have still kept their relationship in perspective and out of the press.

They have probably worked very hard to achieve this and all credit to them.
Congratulations David and Victoria.

ps - I've only just noticed that they are Victoria and David. The irony of the diametrically opposed approach to constructed media engagement is even more brilliant.

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